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The Power of Slow Living
Release Your Capacity
The Power Of Slow Living

The author, Agustina Thorgilsson, realises the strength she has in herself and the resilience she possesses when life tests her again and again. By recalling the methods we humans have used for thousands of years of inner wisdom. This realisation has lead to an inner calm and emotional freedom she discovered that is available to all of us.


After being forced to leave an unbearable situation that renders her out of work and without a partner. Agustina had to get over it and still make a living and continue with her life. She learned to open up to her intuition and connectedness to nature. Agustina opened her mind to the fact that real success in life is not from without, but within.


We all try to do our best in life and follow what we hear others say and what the mind tells us is right. Most of us are following something that is not really coming from our heart or intuition, but is some kind of an echo from our surroundings and society. We get pushed around in life by this, instead of freeing ourselves from the controls the very same society is bonding us in.


The Power of Slow Living shows the way to the free mind and spirit. This helps the heart to open up to all there is, and see the beauty in all and everything. It shows how to find that inner peace leads to outer peace and harmony with oneself, others, society and nature. By being who you really are you become a conscious participant of existence on this Earth.


Today Agustina runs a successful psychological clinic.