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Release your capacity

Learn ways that will transform your outlook on life and the possibilities that it has to offer. Discover ways to turn stagnation, indecision and defeat in life into victory.


Life-Navigation shows how to:
• Increase your capacity and make it more potent.
• Uncover your latent excellence.
• Get on a path of a successful life.
• Translate disaster into an opportunity.
• Turn challenge into an opportunity.
• Free yourself of fear and be able to fly.


The benefits of Life-Navigation:

Life-Navigation shows you how to turn your life around
• when life hits you hard
• when you encounter a situation look at the positive side
• when you meet opposition
• when dealing with difficult situations.


Through Life-Navigation you learn that:
• True satisfaction has to come from within.
• No matter what you buy, you can never find satisfaction in objects.

What you’ll get:

The Release Your Capacity is intensive three sessions program, each session consists of a audio file and a handout. For you to get most out of it, take each session separately and allow at least a couple of weeks in between because of it’s intensity and you’ll need to train on the methods of each session before moving onto the next one.


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Disclaimer: The Release Your Capacity is a powerful program for dealing with life. But it is not intended to replace medical or psychiatric advice, research or personal responsibility. When making decisions on your health please consult a medical doctor, your health center, or other professionals in the medical field. Neither the author, Agustina Thorgilsson or Life-Navigation c/o GKG Radgjof Inc. assumes responsibility for your improper use of this audio program.

Please contact for further information.